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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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With testing facilities world-wide Gericke has the opportunity to begin the engineering phase by conducting a wide variety of in depth analytical tests. This helps in identifying the customer’s product characteristics to eliminate any risks, create solutions and supply the customer with the required equipment for the factories optimal performance.

One of our specific tests that we conduct is on powder degradation, which determines the necessary conditions of the installation to minimise product damage. We analyse this by measuring product size and characteristics at the beginning of testing, transporting the powder (to replicate the intended process) and then concluding with replicating the beginning tests to analyse the differences.

3D Modeling is also an important phase to enable us to maximise the performance of our installations. Our experienced engineers begin by building the complete offered installation within a 3D model replica of the customer’s environment, (which includes available room and building height). Completing this process determines the ideal installation to optimise product flows and accessibility.

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