EMT is becoming increasingly famous worldwide. At the end of May, a huge fertilizer blending auger already went to Saudi Arabia, and the shipment for a customer in Mexico was started this week. That shipment concerns a blending machine and a transport conveyor line, good for a total of 25 sea containers, each measuring twelve meters in length. “This blend line will blend 18 different types of fertilizer in the right quality and quantity. Everything computer-controlled ”, says Gustaaf Zeeman on behalf of the family business. “With this machine line, the customer in Mexico can triple its annual production to a capacity of 300,000 tons per year. The machines are made in the technical workshop of EMT in `t Zand. A piece of industrial innovation that not only the village but also the Netherlands should be happy with. "We are very happy with this order that is in addition to the other orders," says Zeeman about his company that develops all machines in-house and draws in 3D before they go into production.

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