About EMT

EMT is specialised in development and production of blending, bagging and stainless steel transport equipment. Besides own products, EMT supplies equipment made by Doyle Manufacturing (USA).

EMT offers a wide range of bagging equipment. To handle 50 kg bags, EMT developed single and double units. For big bags EMT supplies several types of fill units, depending on the required capacity. All bagging units can also be supplied as a portable containerized unit.

EMT offers following Doyle products: Shamrock, Vertical, Smithbuilt, Kraus and Tyler Blender lines. Furthermore, EMT developed the Weighcont, a full automatic continuous blending system, based on weight info, which can be supplied with an unlimited number of hoppers. This unit can reach a capacity of 20 till 250 tons per hour.

A computer-software program, Optiblend, has been developed to calculate precisely the demanded analysis.This software program is available in different languages to calculate a suitab

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Kraus-Tyler blender


Optiblend software program


Doyle Shamrock blender


Smitbuilt blender

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