Divestment of Sandvik Process Systems

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Sandvik Process Systems has been producing steel belts for all kinds of process industries since 1901.

Following the decision bij our parent company Sandvik AB to concentrate its efforts on mining, machining and special steel, the Process Systems side of the business will be divested from Sandvik.

This will have no impact on our ability to support customers through market leading products and world class service, either now or in the future. Sandvik Process Systems has operated as a business in its own right since 1969, with its own respresentation the world over, and will continue to work to the same high standards even though our overall ownership – and company name – may change.

Sandvik Process Systems is the largest steel belt supplier in the world today, and universally recognized as the market leader. Steel belts have always been, and remain, our core business and we are committed to increasing the support we provide to our customers by working together with them to develop innovative new products and services.

Sandvik Process Systems will continue to be the world’s leading supplier of steel belts with the biggest product portfolio. We supply steel belts to customers in all segments, including wood based panels, food, chemical, electronic, ceramic tiles, mining, automotive, paper, printing and many more, and our aim is to continue doing so for another 100 years or more.

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