IPCO Process Systems BV

About IPCO Process Systems BV

An Industrial process solutions group with 600 employees, 35+ sales & service offices globally, production in Asia, Europe and North America and 200 M EURO in annual sales. Previously operating as Sandvik Process Systems.

We are dedicated to provide productivity in the processing of more than 1200 different products across the sulphur, chemical, fertilizer, chocolate and food industries. We also provide Double Belt Press solutions with Steel and Teflon® belts, including up- and downstream equipment and precision scattering systems as well as solid and perforated steel belts used for improving productivity and quality in the processing of products as diverse as wood-based panels, paper, food, film and more.

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IPCO Rotoform

Equipment for the production of pastilles

TPS presses & scattering

Double-band presses and scattering units

IPCO Coolers

Complete cooling installations based on stainless steel conveyor belts

IPCO belts

Carbon steel and stainless steel conveyor belts from own manufacture

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