Dinnissen Process Technology develops new mixing software

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen Process Technology is a leader in the field of innovative mixing solutions for companies in the feed, food, pharma, and chemicals sectors. A key component of its mixers and mixing solutions is the Smart Mixing software tool developed in-house for automatically managing the complete mixing process. During Anuga 2015, Dinnissen will present an important software update, smart Mixing 8.0, which marks a further improvement in speed and energy efficiency as well as the prevention of sparking and ignition hazards. Starting in 2015, smart Mixing 8.0 will be a standard component of all mixing solutions supplied by Dinnissen.

Smart Mixing 8.0 the new standard for Dinnissen’s mixing solutions
Dinnissen has over 65 years of experience in developing, building, and delivering mixers and complete mixing solutions for a wide range of applications. These applications include solutions for mixing powders, particles, and granulates extremely gently, hygienically, quickly, precisely, and homogeneously as well as customized solutions for high-capacity mixing, mixing difficult ingredients, and easily mixing dry ingredients with high percentages of oils and liquids. Dinnissen also supplies mixers and mixing solutions in which various process steps – such as mixing, vacuum coating, drying, heating, and spraying on various types of liquids – are carried out in a single process step. The Smart Mixing software tool is seamlessly integrated into all of Dinnissen’s mixing solutions to automatically control and manage the entire mixing process.

The newest software version of Smart Mixing 8.0 allows for mixing processes to proceed faster and consume less energy. While ingredients are being added to the mixer, the software removes air and creates a partial vacuum. This allows ingredients to be added to the mixer much more quickly and also prevents problems in relation to pressure build up and the emission of fine particles. The improved software tool also distributes the ingredients even more evenly inside the mixer so that carrier substances and micro ingredients are distributed more evenly over the contents of the mixer, thereby increasing the speed of the entire process.

The newest Smart Mixing 8.0 software optimizes the tip speed of paddle mixers to «1m/s in order to further minimize the risk of sparking and ignition when working with ingredients that present an explosion hazard. Finally, the new software also measures the upward acceleration of the particles being mixed and automatically calculates and regulates the optimum rotation speed of the mixing mechanism in order to arrive at the ’magical’ Froude number = 1. When optimized in this manner, heavier particles do not sink to the bottom during the mixing process. The end result of this newest Smart Mixing software tool is that ingredients can now be mixed more quickly, homogeneously, and gently while at the same time consuming less energy.

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