UHF RFID LED Label for general application is designed with the intention to locate a tagged item or a group of items from the field by means of LED light. The label is suitable for use outdoor and indoor, good read ranges, and UV exposed environment.

The label contains a small green LED-light that illuminates when triggered by the radio waves of the Brady handheld & fixed RFID readers (within 3.5 m), when the label is selected on-screen. This speeds up picking & locating items in warehouses, data centers and in distribution. Especially in contexts where many items are stored very close to each other, the UHF RFID LED label helps picking the right item, server, or package much faster.

Using an RFID reader, metadata & information can easily be added to the label, which is equipped with 1312 bits of memory, sufficient to store up to 164 characters. The label is designed for applications on non-metal surfaces.

• UHF RFID LED Label for general applications such as retail, industry, supply chain and others. The antenna is designed for application on non-metal surfaces.
• Polyester tag face material, with chip bonded to aluminium antenna using anisotropic conductive film adhesive, suitable for thermal transfer printing, including RFID encoding.
• Labels are outside wound and 100% inspected, 500 good RFID labels per roll with bad tags marked.
• Led Colour Green