Dinnissen presents new innovation: Bag-in-box

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Production lines become even more efficient with the new bag-in-box solution from system integrator Dinnissen Process Technology. This innovation makes it possible to place bags in boxes automatically, and to pack, label and transport these boxes fully automated. With this addition, Dinnissen can automate its customers` production processes one step further.

What does the bag-in-box solution do?
Dinnissen`s bag-in-box solution adds one final process step to the production process of powders, granules or granules. Bags and big-bags (FIBC) have already been automatically filled and sealed, but can now also be packed in boxes, as compactly as possible. The bag-in-box solution vibrates sealed bags flat, transports them via a conveyor belt to a funnel, after which the bags are automatically placed in boxes. If desired, the boxes are then labeled fully automatically. With the bag-in-box solution, producers can compactly pack up to 60 bags per hour into boxes.

Over 70 years of experience in process innovation.
Dinnissen Process Technology has been developing machines, complete production lines and customized solutions for the food, feed, pet food and chemical industries since 1948. The main focus is on the efficient handling and processing of powders, particles, and granulates. From product intake, conveying and handling, feeding and weighing, mixing and processing, milling and grinding, sifting and packaging: System integrator Dinnissen automates, optimises and innovates entire production processes with tailor-made solutions.

For many years Dinnissen has been known on an international scale for its capacity to convert technical innovation into value-adding solutions. Dozens of innovations have been successfully adopted by the world`s largest producers in the feed, food, pet food and chemical sectors.

Examples of such groundbreaking innovations are: the vacuum core coating process, the lean gravity mixing lines and the hammer mill with an automatic sieve changing system. Thanks to these and other technical breakthroughs, Dinnissen has become the global market leader in process technology for powders, particles and granules in various industries. The bag-in-box system is the next innovation in this impressive lineup.

Would you like to know more about the bag-in-box solution and its system integration in your processes? Feel free to contact one of our specialists.

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