Correlation between sieve analysis and image analysis

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) has become a widely used method for routine analysis of particle size and particle shape in many industries. In this white paper we explain how traditional sieve analysis can successfully be replaced by DIA. The results produced by both techniques can be made to match so that product specifications based on sieve analysis remain un changed.

Users of image analysis benefit from reduced workload, higher sample throughput and more detailed results. Sieve analysis is still a standard method for routine determination of par ticle size distributions of powders and granulates. On the one hand, it is cost-efficient and apparently easily executed, but on the other hand, it is also prone to error and flawed by various inaccuracies.

The time required for one analysis may add up to 15 -30 minutes, including weighing, sieving process and cleaning. The information gained is limited as the number of data points is defined by the number of avail able test sieves. In contrast, DIA delivers a high-resolution measurement result within 23 minutes which contains additional information on particle shape and is generated automatically.

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Verder Scientific Benelux

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