CONTROMAT – Control sifting of bulk material

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FUCHS Maschinen AG offers a new solution for the control sifting of bulk material: the Contromat ve 450 and VE 630 in square shape with various sifting capacities between 0,15 m² and 0,3 m².

Up to now, the Contromat used to be delivered without outlet for foreign particles. These particles remain on the sieve before being removed manually or by means of a suction nozzle. The new Contromat version is rectangular and is provided with an outlet for oversized and foreign particles. It prevents unwanted agglomerates from remaining in the final product.

The control sifter Contromat is mainly used in the food, the chemical and the pharmaceutical industries.

All product wetted parts are mainly of stainless steel (1.4301). Thanks to their modular building concept, individual sifter components can be easily adapted to the customer’s needs. Cleaning and replacing the sieve decks is extremely simple, as the Contromat can be dismounted without tools. A further advantage of the Contromat lies in the fact that it requires very little maintenance, limited to replacing the sieve gasket or the spring elements every couple of years. Optionally, the control sifter is also available in ATEX version.

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