Concetti launch a new data acquisition software

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Improving productivity by monitoring the complete system in a facility will be easier in future, thanks to an innovative software solution that Concetti of Bastia Umbra, Italy – a provider of weighing, bagging and palletising systems – has implemented on one of its most popular machines, the FFS Continua for chemical powders.

This solution, for a smarter “Industry 4.0” factory, offers management the possibility to supervise and review historical data, by checking the production trends and performance of the bagging machine. This powerful solution is helping to reduce plant shutdown times and increase competitiveness by reducing costs.
The system has been developed internally by Concetti engineers, starting with the versatile Ignition application software platform, that unifies all the major software layers in today’s manufacturing facilities – SCADA, MES, HMI – into a single solution to record, monitor and analyze the data provided by Concetti equipment, divided by number of bags, production shifts, operators, time intervals, alarm history and so on.

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