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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Compactor suitable for reclaiming expanded polystyrene packaging.

Packaging is reduced to blocks which can easily be placed on pallets for inexpensive transport, storage and recycling.

The compactor accepts large materials such as the packaging used by television manufacturers, food containers, etc.
Packaging manually fed by the operator is crushed by breakers and then transported by a screw into the compacting chamber.
The compacted polystyrene is ejected through a tube at the side.

Technical features
Average output: EP30 – 30kg/h / EP150 – 150kg/h
Feed opening size: EP30 1260 x 380 / EP150 – 1260×380
Ejection opening size: EP30 250×135 / EP150 – 350×215
Average reduction ratio: EP30 28:1 / EP150 – 28:1

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