CenTrax belt tracker puts conveyor belts with garland roller

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A cement factory in the United Kingdom was experiencing a lot of problems due to a 1200 mm wide conveyor belt, fitted with 5-part garland roller pairs, mistracking. The installation was fitted with tracking systems that were not performing correctly. CentTrax engineers were able to design a custom-made solution.

The design, with a CenTrax S-1200 belt tracker as the framework, is based on the existing CenTrax load carrying and return strand tracking systems. For many years, these systems have proven to be effective under the most arduous conditions. Unlike the standard CenTrax three-roller tracking systems, the S-1200-5V-P has five rollers (two tapered and three flat rollers). These five rollers have the same trough shape as the garland roller pairs.

Swivel bearing
Contrary to the mounted tracking systems, CenTrax has only one pivot point, also known as a swivel bearing. The swivel bearing is fully sealed and unaffected by moisture, dust and dirt. The robust bearings are oil-bath lubricated and designed to withstand the axial and radial loads that occur.

Tapered rollers
Our tapered rollers ensure that the CenTrax immediately corrects any mistracking as soon as it is about to happen. Other tracking systems only begin to correct when the conveyor touches the side guides. Moreover, those guides also cause additional wear to the belt edges, thereby incurring unnecessary costs.

Unrivalled tracking qualities
The meticulously designed CenTrax belt trackers offer the perfect solution. The tapered rollers are coated with an highly wear-resistant, profiled rubber. This ensures excellent grip on the conveyor belt, even in wet conditions. In combination with the smoothly rotating swivel bearing, the profiled rubber-coated rollers are what give the CenTrax its unparalleled tracking properties.

Our customer was so satisfied with how the CenTrax S-1200-5V-P belt tracker operated that, as a result, the cement factory has ordered a second system. This second system has now been installed and commissioned, to ease our customer’s daily production workload.

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