Camfil introduces the new Opakfil Energy Saver

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The Camfil Opakfil ES provides high efficiency filtration at very low energy consumption and compact format. Opakfil is used in any air conditioning application and preparatory filtration in cleanrooms.

It can remove all contaminants such as fumes, smoke, bacteria, fungi and virus-bearing droplet nuclei which makes it a very good choice for improving your indoor air quality.

The Camfil Opakfil ENERGY :

Probably the best cost effective 4V-Bank design filter with less than 80Pa (F7 – 3400m3/h)
Efficiency guaranty : No discharge effect, exceding EN779:2011 performances’ requirement
Contains a very small fiber diameter material in a rigid and safe frame design. This guarantess a very high and consistent filter efficiency for sub micron particles.
Reliable performance makes it the ideal final stage filter to meet the European standard for ventilation of non-residential buildings, EN13779.
Is equipped with a new triple handle for easy handling and installation.
Frame has drainage for condensation water.
Filter can be installed in both senses and furnished with an endless PU gasket.
Filter is fully incinerable and ”eco-responsible” build with environmental friendly raw material.

By optimizing the material configuration, Opakfil Energy can furnish an extremely large filter area (19 m2) and still utilize the entire material within.

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