Brabender increases operating panel with Congrav OP12 Touch.

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In 2005 Brabender Technologie KG, Duisburg, Germany, introduced with great success the Congrav OP5 Touch, a 5 inch touch screen control panel interactive machine operator interface for gravimetric feeding.

To meet the need in the market for a larger operation screen, a 12 inch design is available in the meantime.

The Congrav OP12 Touch serves for central operation of up to 16 Brabender weigh-feeders (LIW-feeders, weigh-belt feeders, etc.), either with Congrav ISC-CM control modules (integrated with each feeder) and/or connected to the Congrav CB control board (mounted in central control cabinet). The ISC-CM modules and / or Congrav CB boards are interconnected by a field bus, which is easily connected to the operating panel Congrav OP12 Touch by just one single cable.
Operation of the Congrav OP12 Touch is made easy by language independent and self-explaining
touch-sensitive input fields on a large 12.1` colour display. Based on ® Windows®, the display allows intuitive operation and observation of the feeding process. As a result, operator training time and the risk of faulty operation are substantially reduced.

For connection to a PLC the Congrav ® OP 12 has a Siemens Profibus DP-V1 interface and an Ethernet interface (Open Modbus TCP Protocol). The unit conforms to CE directives.

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