Brabender improves accuracy in feeding

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Higher demands of product quality in the chemicals, detergents, food and plastics industries needs higher dosing accuracy. Besides the accuracy of loadcell and feedcontroller as well as a proper selection of feedertype, the final accuracy also rely on a proper ventilation and refilling of the feeder. Deaeration while feeding of powders by using filtercandle or filterhose leads to blockage after a short time. The air escapes through inlet and outlet of the feeder resulting in a delay of refilltime and an uncontrolled blow-out at the outlet leading to rejection of production by an inaccurate dosing, unreliable production and various errors.

Based on more than 50 years experience in developing, manufacturing, installation and service, Brabender Technologie KG developed the JetFilter, an improved self-cleaning system for venting of gravimetric feeders.

The JetFilter works as dust collector for particles larger than 5ìm and is mounted on the feeder. Compressed air pulses cleaning the filter automatically at the end of a refill cycle within the stabilization time without disturbing gravimetric operation. Powder coming off, falls back in the feeder and thus stays into the production process. In the end the JetFilter leads to higher product-efficiency and better Return-On-Investment.

The filter material meets FDA and GMP guidelines, has a large area, low pressure and is easily exchangeable with low maintenance costs.
The product contact parts are in AISI 304 (1.4301)
Depending on the air volume and air speed, 2 filters can be used in parallel
The Brabender JetFilters can be used in ATEX area and meet CE directives.

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