BOLZ INTEC- Pressure vessels in standardized sizes

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Bolz intec has specialized in stainless steel drums, stainless steel funnels and containers, pressure vessels and transfer systems used in areas with high hygienic requirements such as pharmaceutical or chemical industries.
We produce customised pressure vessels in the most varied of diameters, with maximum operating pressure and with highly varied floor and lid shapes to precisely meet your needs.
Each of these vessels is individually designed according to your specifications and produced in strict compliance with current regulations (Pressure Equipment Directive) and the GMP standard. We can thus guarantee quality and safety.
Leading companies from the pharmaceutical and chemical industry already have for years relied on the pressure vessels of Bolz intec.

We currently have a standard range including diameters of 234 mm, 395 mm and 560 mm, with a wide variety of volumes, a torispherical bottom in line with DIN 28011, handles, a tri-clamp fitting according to DIN 32676, an inner surface with Ra ‹ 0.25 µm, an external surface with Ra ‹ 1.2 µm, and an operating pressure of between -1 and +10 bar. The standardised vessels are made of stainless steel.
Standardisation of the pressure vessels allows customers to profit from reduced delivery periods whilst receiving the same familiar Bolz intec quality.

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