ATEX certification for H-GR Valves TBMA

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

TBMA continue’s to develop and innovatie their products. Only then they can respond to the increasing demands on their products. For example, when rotary valves are used during production in an ATEX environment, where there is a risk of explosion.

The results of the efforts are now rewarded with an ATEX certification for the H-GR valves. The TBMA H-GR valves are suitable for a much wider scope within the ATEX area. The blowing seals have recently become available as an autonomous security system for the substance class ST2. The H-GR X-1 can now be used as an autonomous security device under the following conditions;

Suitable for dust class St2 (max. 300 Bar.m/s);
oInternally suitable for zone 20, II 1D;
oExplosion pressure resistant up to 10,5 Bar;
oFlame secure in both directions;
oOptional suitable for products with temperatures up to 180° C.
oCertificates available for the D en DG execution (Demountable execution and demountable with guiding bars)
oExecuted with schampfered- and scraper blades possible if required

Depending on the execution of the drive:
oExternally suitable for zone 1, 21, 2 en 22, II 2G/D en II 3G/D.

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