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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Armac industrial automation, the name appears to be an international company and this indeed is true. Armac is available as creative component in a specialized mix of hardware ánd software engineering on all continents. Of course, it`s homebase is in the Netherlands and Europe, but on regular basis one of Armac`s engineers packs his suitcase and travels to -for example – Africa to change software for a multinational or an elektromechanic jumps into the Armac-van to fix a problem on a machine control in Britain. Armac is experienced in various sectors of industrial automation and it became time to show that of on an international level.

Attentive surfers may already have seen it `behind` the already existing Dutch website. Here a new internationale website for Armac was built and this one recently took it`s new place on the World Wide Web. Clear navigation brings you quickly to `what` you want to know about Armac. Or to `Who` we are, `Why` to choose us or `Where` you can find us. Well, this latter you already found out after reading this article: everywhere!

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Armac BV

Armac has already for more then two decades a focus in industrial automation. The combination of hardware en software engineering, elektrotechnique, PLC-technique etc. is very successful. The market continuously requests... Read more