ALFRA machine parts printed in 3D

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

At the end of 2016, KSE started using 3D printed parts for its ALFRA dosing and weighing systems. At first this was chosen because it was the quickest solution. “The designs and drawings were ready and the delivery time of the parts was simply the shortest when printed in 3D”, says Michiel Willemse – Manager Mechatronics Development. “In addition to that, the costs for the made parts are competitive compared to the conventional way of manufacturing”.
This brings more benefits for KSE. “We supply various machines, each with its unique features. This means one and the same part can differ from machine to machine. By using 3D printing, we are much more flexible in manufacturing. This allows us to take the developments into service even better and faster in a short time”, Willemse adds enthusiastically.
KSE sees a lot of future opportunities for 3D printing. With a brand new assembly hall and many product innovations it continues to invest in the future to meet customer requirements.

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