Adjustment installation improves quality of compost

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

HVC tries to give waste a new life. The waste that can not be processed further, is converted into electricity, heat or green gas. The installation in Purmerend makes compost of organic waste and food leftovers from the green container for fertilizing gardens.

Jansen&Heuning has modified the existing installation at HVC Purmerend, whereby an extra screening installation has been built in. This will improve the quality of the compost. The adjustment to the installation consists of screw conveyors JHS500, conveyor belts and platforms. Since the existing installation had to be adjusted, our engineering measured the entire process and worked it out in 3D in order to achieve an optimal connection with the existing installation.

“The reason for this investment was to improve the quality of the compost. The cooperation with Jansen&Heuning went well; there was proper consultation and we were able to help each other well. The installation is also doing well; the quality of the compost is excellent.”

Ard Moeijes
Project leader HVC

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