875 mtr steelcord belt St 3150 at S.C.T. Gaurain-Ramecroix

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Lutze Conveying BeLux and its service technicians have replaced end of October 875 meter of steelcord belt type St 3150 8+6 X with a breaker BN250 on top. The belt has a width of 1.400 mm and has been delivered on 3 rolls of 295 meter. Our technicians have placed the belt and have spliced (3 hot vulcanized splicings) the belt end of october, beginning of November on site of S.C.T. in Gaurain-Ramecroix. The belt is one of the heaviest belt types running in Belgium on this moment. Thanks to S.C.T. for the trust in Lutze and to our technicians for the very good service job they have done.

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