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Last modified: 8 May 2023

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers are perfect for elemental analysis. Samples which contain elements from Beryllium to Uranium can be analysed non-destructively quantatively and qualitively. It is possible to perform elemental analysis in a range of ppb to 100%-level. Further, layer thickness determinations and inline measuremnets are possible.

There are several possible XRF spectrometers. Wavelength Dispersive XRF (WDXRF) spectrometers are known for their accurateness, precision and reliability. A wdxrf spectrometer is the high-end solution for elemental analysis.

When you are looking for a more compact solution for your elemental analysis you can go for Energy Dispersive XRF spectrometers. These spectrometers determine in one measurement all elements and are suitable for quality and process controll.

Further we offer μXRF spectrometers. These μXRF spectrometers are perfect for analyzing your sample for several parameters. Qualitative and quantitative analyses on spot sizes to 23 μm are possible.

Last but not least Total Relfection XRF spectrometers are available. These spectrometers let you analyze trace elements at sub-ppb levels. With this technique you can work with a minimum sample quantity without difficult sample preparation.

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