Wye Line Diverter Replaces Inconsistent Flap Diverters

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

It is not unusual for a flour mill to have problems with in-line flap diverters when installed in a pneumatic conveying system. The soft seals around the flap are exposed to direct blast abrasion from grist or wheat flour. This can create significant pressure drops in the conveying system, as well as line plugs once product is allowed to pass through the closed leg of the diverter.

A flour milling company was experiencing these problems with the in-line flap diverters purchased when the mill was built. The product leakage from the diverters was creating conveying inefficiencies and significant downtime to uninstall the flap diverter and remove line plugs. The milling company decided to install Vortex Wye Line Diverters, which are ideally designed to overcome common problems associated with in-line flap diverters.

The wye line design features a stainless steel sliding blade while maintaining a positive seal when the ports are closed. The diverter is also capable of shifting material flow while the system’s blower or vacuum pump continues to operate. The lightweight valve can be installed horizontal or vertical and is serviceable while in-line, saving the customer valuable downtime.

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