Winkworth Machinery’s Z Blade (or Sigma) Mixer is ideal for mixing, kneading and dispersion of very viscous doughs and pastes. Z-Blade Mixers are used in Food and Chemical Industry. Z Blade (double arm) mixers are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including: Abrasives, Adhesives, Biscuit dough, Brake linings, Ceramics, Chewing Gum, Chewing/bubblegum, Confectionery, Detergents, Energetics, Energetics materials, Fiberglass dough, Food, General mixing, Mastics, Metal powders, Pharmaceuticals, Roof tiles , Rubber solutions, Sealants, Silicone rubber, Soaps, Spices, Sugar pasting, Sugars, Welding materials. Standard Features: • Fabricated in stainless steel • Split gland housings for easy maintenance • Hydraulic tilt or discharge Optional Features: • Bottom outlet discharge • Extruder discharge • Integrated rigid lid for automation • Heating / Cooling jacket • Hardened steels, wear blades for abrasive mixes • Heavy duty models for stiffer products • Vacuum models for drying or de-aerating • ATEX certified models • Liquid additions • Laboratory models available from 0.25L • Variable speed drives In our test facility we offer tests with both laboratory and production systems, also available rental mixers for product development and temporary additional production capacity.