Wienerberger invests in healthy working environment

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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The factory in Péruwelz is one of Wienerberger’s biggest factories in Belgium and produces two types of brick: handmade bricks and drummed bricks. In the production line for the drummed bricks, the bricks undergo the Retro process. In this Wienerberger process, the bricks are tumbled and treated with a mixture of powdered or liquid cement. This gives the bricks a different look. Here they produce the Retro, Rustica, Domus and Imperium ranges all year round. An important part of the production goes abroad. During the Retro process, dust is released, which can be harmful. Therefore, good dust extraction is extremely important for the health of employees.

Healthy work environment
Previously, the dust extraction was connected to a dust filter installation of another department but due to further expansion the capacity was insufficient. Based on dust measurement campaigns, it became clear that the employees of the Retro department were highly exposed to dust and that this situation had to be improved. Wienerberger therefore launched an investment project to tackle the dust problem.

We got a tailor-made technical solution that suited our dust problem
– Yannic Claessens , Plant Manager Péruwelz Wienerberger

Customised dust extraction
Extraction hoods were placed at the Retro and Rustica dosing modules, mixing vessels and the main drop points. This dust is extracted to the dust filter placed on the outside of the Retro building. Lybover AIR, as a specialist in air technology, provided an optimal design of the hoods both in terms of dust control and accessibility of the installation. This approach also ensured a smooth installation. Moreover, the hoods do not obstruct the production and maintenance of the machines remains possible.

75% less dust
At the beginning of 2019 Wienerberger had a new campaign of dust measurements carried out. The results were clear: the dust values had dropped by more than 75% compared to earlier measurements in 2014 and 2017. The filter installed also complies with the internal (for the company’s own employees) and external (for local residents) noise standards, as well as with the emission limits for dust into the environment. Shift manager Rudi Merlin, who has been working in the Retroatelier for three years, is very pleased with the end result. Like his colleagues, he noticed a clear improvement in air quality. Moreover, production was not halted during the conversion. The entire project was built within budget and the deadline was met perfectly.

There was very good coordination between the workers and the team of Lybover AIR
– Rudi Merlin, Shift Manager, Wienerberger

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