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Last modified: 8 May 2023

It seems too good to be true, a system finding out independent if the load cells are all right or not. Even better, a system automatically adjusting the calibration when a load cell or the weighing indicator has been changed!
Most measuring and weighing systems, based on strain gage load cells, exist out of more than one sensors. The connection between these sensors usually is done analogue in a load cell junction box. All sensors are connected parallel, so the average of the sensors is offered to the instrumentation. This way of operation works fine, until a load cell breaks down. The system identifies this not satisfactory, the measuring equipment continues to operate deficient.
In order to overcome this drawback we developed this ”intelligent” load cell cable junction box. During a test the system, the junction box and the indicator measures per sensor the load cell output and decides if it is all right. When the load cell is faulty, he can be switched of. This way the measuring system can operate with less sensors deficient for the time being. The advantage of this way of operation is that during the test immediately is recognised which load cell is faulty and with what kind of deviation. Furthermore this module supports TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet), what means the individual information of the sensors is available and can be compared. This facilitates automatic re-justification. As an extra the instrument stores all calibration data, optionally in the pc program Pi.
The SIGMA4 is compatible with the new PENKO weighing instruments. It is suitable for 1 up to 4 load cells, with or without sense. Special provisions are superfluous, the usual load cell power supply is sufficient fort his connection box.
The enclosure is industrial, out of stainless steel with protection class IP65, sizes without glands 180 x 150 x 95 mm.

To ease the selection a practical brochure is available.

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