VWO developed a new series of control cabinet for filling and dosing proces

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

These control cabinet for controlling the various filling and dosing processes are available as a component and suitable for controlling;
•Vibrating convayors (by Frequency controller)
•Feeders (via Motor drives controllers )
•Dosage valves (using Switch Contacts)

With the controller you get a two speed filling process. It starts with a coarse filling at high speed and ends with a fine filling at low speed to achieve the desired accuracy. For a simple filling and dosing process, no further controls are required.

These control panels are based on the Flintec FT-13 weighing controller. This controller is standard programmed with 7 filling modes. These are easily adjustable by changing parameters and used in filling and emptying processes. The dosing can be done in net or gross mode. Optionally an additional port can be installed for communication over an industrial bus (eg Profibus, Ethernet, etc.) with external systems

Components of known brands are used to built the control panels and are available worldwide, for example, Rittal, Phoenix, ABB, Moeller, Flintec, etc. The supplied connection diagrams are made in Eplan and makes maintenance and service by local installers and technical service staff easy.

Besides telephonic and on-site support VWO also offers courses to set the parameters of the dosing process. Optionally customer specific solutions or adjustments are offered.

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