Vortex Valves Sanitair Quick Clean Gate

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Like the Quantum Series Orifice Gate, the Vortex Quick Clean Orifice Gate provides a positive seal for fine powders and is dust-tight to atmosphere. It also mechanically self-cleans on the opening stroke. With a full-port opening, the Quick Clean Orifice Gate allows unrestricted material flow.

Especially beneficial for food & beverage manufacturers, the Quick Clean Orifice Gate can either be fully opened or closed, or be configured with one of Vortex’s four material flow control assemblies. The Infinite Variable Positioner (IVP), Adjustable Variable Positioner (AVP), Variable Position Closed (VPC) and Variable Position Open (VPO) assemblies each allow a gate’s blade to be stopped at midpoints to create highly accurate and replicable batches.

Most importantly, the Quick Clean Orifice Gate can be easily removed and reinstalled into the process line. Once the gate is removed from service, quick-lock bolts along the lateral aspect of the gate can be loosened without the use of tools, and the top of the gate can be separated so that the gate’s internals are exposed. Then, the blade and seals can be quickly removed for wash-down or replacement. For a full demonstration on this process, view the video below.

The Quick Clean Orifice Gate is intended for non-abrasive powders, pellets and granules in gravity flow material handling applications

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