Vortex Seal Tite Diverter Handles Pet Food Kibbles

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

A pet food manufacturer needed to divert kibble dry food from a feeder into one of two disc conveyors, which transports the kibbles to the packaging line. Vortex engineered several 254mm Seal Tite Diverters constructed from stainless steel for the pet food company.

The four Vortex Seal Tite Diverters feature a removable access door that allows inspection, maintenance and repairs to be performed without removing the diverter from service.

The Seal Tite Diverters also feature removable parts. For return-on-investment purposes, this feature is beneficial because it allows for the replacement of worn parts, rather than full diverter replacement.

The Seal Tite Diverters are designed so that the leading edge of the blade actuates into a recessed area. This protects the blade’s seals from the material flow stream, which would otherwise cause them to wear and allow material leakage into the closed diverter leg.

The client is very pleased with the performance of their Seal Tite Diverters.

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