VION Convenience GmbH is being auctioned

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Internationally operating online auctioneer Industrial Auctions B.V is organising in June a big online auction in the food sector. On Tuesday the 17th of June and Wednesday the 18th of June, the online auction of machines and inventory for the food industry will take place. Around 3000 items are being auctioned due to a closing of a factory of VION Food Group in Wunstorf (Germany).

In August 2013 VION Food Group, one of Europe`s biggest companies in the food sector, wanted to sell the business unit frozen foods in Wunstorf (Germany) to other food production companies. The decision was made because VION wants to concentrate more on its core activities: the slaughter of cattle and pigs. The establishment in Germany that produced frozen foods, sauces, sausages, soups and ready meals, did not fit anymore in their policies and so they put the establishment in the sales. However, the establishment was not sold and therefore had to be closed.

In 2014 is decided to auction the inventory of VION Convenience GmbH. The online auction is organized by the company Industrial Auctions. Industrial Auctions is specialized in the auctioning machines, inventory and goods, especially in the food industry. Anyone who wants to buy or sell goods, can do that at the company. Industrial Auctions will auction more than 3000 items, including meat grinders, conveyors, freezers, filling machines and cutting machines.

The auction takes place on Tuesday the 17th of June and Wednesday the 18th of June 2014. Viewing days are from the 11th till the 14th of June 2014 at the location in Wunstorf (Germany). The purchase of machinery and/or inventory can only be done through the website of Industrial Auctions: .

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