VEGA, supplier of high-quality German measuring instruments, donates a series of pressure transducers and a radar level meter to the educational institutions Goflex and Vakwijs. The aim: to familiarize trainee technicians with modern industrial sensors. Although most technical training courses for the process industry have process skids at their disposal, these are rarely equipped with the most advanced sensors. In practice, trainee technicians come across both outdated sensors and newer sensors. VEGA recently delivered a box of brand new sensors to Goflex and Vakwijs to give students and employees in training the opportunity to gain experience with modern, high-end sensors. Thomas Hendriks of VEGA explains: "The sensors had been ordered for a customer, but turned out not to be needed anymore. You can wait until you can connect a new customer to those sensors, but you can also invest in the technicians of the future. We really need them in the industry. In addition, it is of course good for us that starting engineers become familiar with our products. Michael Elsenbach, consultant at Goflex and Vakwijs is very enthusiastic about the sensors. The pressure transducers and radar level gauges from the new 2020 series will be built into the teaching skids by trainees, but Elsenbach also has plans to build them into a demo set-up that will be used at open days to recruit trainees. "That you can put a sensor into operation with your smartphone really appeals to the imagination of young people these days, we know from experience."