U.K. selects Royal Dahlman waste to energy technology

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

ETI selected Royal Dahlman in an open tender process, in which the world’s most advanced and innovative gasification technologies competed for a partially funded design and project development phase. ETI will select the winning design after 10 months, resulting in the realization of the plant. ETI selected the three most interesting technology proposals based upon:

• Full integration of waste segregation, gasification, gas clean up and power generation.
• Typical UK waste as fuel.
• Technology that is commercially viable at 5 to 20 MWe scale.
• Robust operability.
• An overall net electric efficiency >25% .

The plant design is based upon MILENA gasification and OLGA gas cleaning (tar removal) technology. Both are patented inventions of ECN, further developed in close cooperation with Royal Dahlman. The combination of MILENA and OLGA produces a clean gas with a high methane content. It’s high energy value allows for efficient utilization of the clean gas in a gas turbine combined cycle (IGCC).

As the prime contractor for this project, Royal Dahlman will head a strong team of British, Swiss, American and Dutch partners. Royal Dahlman is confident that it will design and successfully build the most efficient and cost-effective waste to energy plant on this scale. The proposed demonstration plant will have an net electrical output of 7MW, which is commercially viable in the UK. This plant will be the stepping stone to bigger and even more efficient waste fuelled IGCC plants.

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