TURBULA® and dyna-Mix® mixers from Willy A. Bachofen

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The TURBULA® and dyna-MIX® are container mixers with a three-dimensional mixing principle manufactured by the Swiss Willy A. Bachofen AG Maschinenfabrik (WAB ). During the mixing process the product is forced to move in various directions which causes a very intense and homogeneous mixing result, achieved without extra energy. These mixers are suitable for homogeneous mixing of powders with different densities and particle sizes . Producing dry-to-wet and wet-to-wet mixture is possible. The production process is hygienic and dust-free because the product is mixed in independent containers of variable sizes.

TURBULA ® mixers are suitable for laboratory , R & D and smaller productions ( 2-55 l) when minimum mixing times are required, meeting up to the highest standard of homogeneity.
> the exceptional efficiency of the Turbula ® is accomplished by the interaction of rotation, translation and inversion in accordance with the geometric theory of Schatz.
> the mixing container turns in a three-dimensional motion and the product is subjected to an ever-changing, rhythmically pulsing motion. The results meet the highest requirements and are achieved in a minimum of time.

dyna – MIX ® mixers are suitable for larger batch capacities ( 40-1000 l) where homogeneity of the mixture is of the utmost importance.
> absolute reproducibility of the mixing results because any compromise with respect to productivity , appearance and quality of your product is unacceptable .
> dyna -MIX ® is used for mixing of solids with solids, solids with liquids or liquids with liquids.
> suitable for the homogenization of various dry components, support for long-term dissolution processes or the application or introduction of active or flavourings.
Both Turbula as the dyna -MIX are very suitable for the paint and ink industry, powder, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, ceramic, dental, plastics and food industries .
WAB provides containers and drums for the mixers, but also the (existing) containers of customers can be used. The mixers are equipped with variable frequency drives and the movement of the containers can be influenced.

We offer our customers the possibility to carry tests on forehand. Eskens has Turbula test machines available for testing at customer location. Product tests with dyn-MIX will be carried out in the lab of at WAB in Switzerland.

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