The value of modified atmosphere packaging in times of covid-19

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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The coronavirus has affected everyone and every aspect of life. This pandemic comes with challenges we´ve never seen before, in many fields and markets. The earlier run on supermarkets and food products highlighted one of those challenges: ensuring that supply chains stay intact, preventing any delays, spoilage, and waste.

The role of the packaging industry
The packaging industry was recognized as a critical part of maintaining an uninterrupted flow of essential products early on in the crisis. Moreover, now more than ever, the importance of sustainable packaging practices is highlighted. It´s not just a pandemic, but also environmental challenges that ask for different ways of consuming and producing.

Battling shortages by increasing shelf life
Modified Atmosphere Packaging has proven to be a strong tool in preventing shortages. Border restrictions, workforce limitations: the measures different countries have taken, undeniably affect the speed in which products are moved around the supply chain. This has big consequences, especially for perishable foods, since they are sensitive to spoilage.Modified Atmosphere lengthens the shelf life of food products. It also protects products from pests and contamination. Now that containers are often moving slower than usual, these risks increase over time. MAP makes sure pests stand no chance, by working from the inside, making it perfect for longer storage and shipment.

The importance of healthy food products
From social distancing to strict lockdowns: many systems are already in place to slow down the spread of the virus. Additionally, access to healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables is more important than ever, as experts advocate for healthy eating habits to boost immunity. Modified Atmosphere helps maintain the nutritional value of products for a longer time, keeping it safe and extending its shelf life long enough for it to reach its end users, while still maintaining its health benefits and smell.Want to ensure a solid supply chain? Not just now: a more sustainable supply chain is key in creating a better, healthier, and safer future. For ourselves, and the planet. Even during this crisis, our team is ready to answer your questions and find the right solution to your challenge. Get in touch.

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