The production of cosmetic powder products involves mixing very small amounts of pigments evenly with the carrier material, dissolving the pigments without causing streaking and distributing the liquid binding agent evenly without flocking to ensure high-quality pressing results. Other requirements include short process times and a high level of flexibility and a hygienic production process. Ploughshare® Mixers designed by Lödige Process Technology are the ideal solution for this process. The advantages are : • With the right Ploughshare® shovels the base powders are mixed fast and homogeneous. • With these shovels, highly sensitive and expensive additives, such as mica (CI 77019), are processed gently without causing damage or leading to a deterioration in quality. • The tiny amounts of pigments are dissolved without causing streaking. • The precise amounts of liquid binding agent are added via a single-substance nozzle in the venting port. • The liquids are distributed without flocking to ensure high-quality pressing results. • A cooling jacket with a large heat transfer area allows for effective temperature control to ensure that the product does not change colour. • The hygienic design of the machine avoids the risc of contamination. • All the stages of this critical process can take place in one machine. The use of horizontal Ploughshare® Mixers in batch mode has in many cases proved to be the ideal solution for the production of cosmetic powder products. In particular the small models, which have a gross volume of 130 or 300 litres, offer the high levels of flexibility needed by cosmetic manufacturing companies. For more information on the Lödige Ploughshare® Mixers contact Eskens Benelux