The new weight and tape sensing technology of MOLLET Füllstandtechnik

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Many customers have the desire to find a reliable and easily understandable technology for the continuous level measurement in their silos filled with bulk goods. MOLOSbob LF20 from MOLLET exactly fulfills this customer preference. In any kind of bulk solid applications this new weight and tape based sensing technology enables a reliable continuous level measurement. Easiest installation and an error-free permanent operation even in case of changing bulk goods or varying process conditions are characterized for this measurement device.

Of course, all the other technologies promise to fulfill this desire as well. However, the reality looks somewhat different. Already at beginning of operation of technologies like radar or ultrasonic problems with unwanted reflections that significantly damage the measurement results often occur. Complicated software has been developed in order to handle these kinds of problems. In case of changing process conditions or varying bulk goods in the silo the next problems often arise. The measurement devices have to be parameterized again in a time consuming procedure in order to achieve a correct measurement result.

MOLOSbob, the compact and robust measurement device with low weight, doesn’t know such kinds of problems. Unaffected by bulk goods characteristics like dust, moisture, conductivity or grain size it supplies accurate and reliable level measurement results up to a silo height of 42 meters. This measurement device is although suitable for the use in dust explosive areas of category 1/2D. Furthermore the newly developed safety circuit avoids the run down of the sensing weight into the silo outlet.

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