The new Stormajor boom feeder on tracks BF0415T

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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The evolution of the wheeled Stormajor® to the tracked version offers market proven high performance and reliability with unrivalled manoeuvrability. This concept delivers a cost effective solution for stockpiling, barge loading, shiploading and rail wagon loading, even in the world’s most arduous conditions.

The BF0415T is designed to receive bulk materials with densities of up to 1.6 t/m3 direct from trucks providing a large holding capacity and a regulated output feed rate of up to 625 m3/h direct to a mobile crushing, screening or other processing plant.
The folded flared entry facilitates vehicle alignment and maximises holding capacity while also permitting the BF0415T to be folded up to meet restrictive transport dimensions.

The outloading boom section provides the user with significant luffing and radial ranges to allow for flexible feeding and large stockpiling capabilities

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