The new Brookfield Powder Flow Tester

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The Powder Flow Tester of Brookfield analyses the powder flowability of powders on an easy but efficient way.
Also the flow of powders out of storage containers and silo`s can easily be investigated. Besides this the instrument may be used as a way to check your stock-raw materials.
Flowability properties of newly developped products can de investigated and compared with your existing products.
With the Powder Flow Pro Software package it will be very easy to choose your experiment:

– Flowability function
– Wall friction
– Timedependent flowability function
– Bulk density

Graphic data will be generated:
– normal stress
– shear stress
– Mohr Circle Failure Loci

Curves of the flowability function will be calculated and plotted automatically. Als an overlay of up to 8 curves can be generated.

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