TBMA Europe introduces the new A-serie from Cimbria

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

It’s a honor for TBMA to launch the new loading Shute, designated as the A-series, from Cimbria Bulk Equipment in the Netherlands and Belgium. The series is developed on request from some Cimbria dealers in order to meet market demands. The A-series combines the versatility and light construction of the standard series with the capacity and durability of the shiploading-series thus covering a gap between the two series. The new series will be an obvious choice in various situations as e.g. when stockpiling coal or wooden pellets in warehouses or for low demanding shiploading tasks. Cimbria believe that this new developed chute series will complete there product range and that the market possibilities will be even bigger in future time.

The A-series is available in four models with following capacities:

A400: 440m³/hour
A500: 700m³/hour
A650: 1200m³/hour
A800: 1800m³/hour

All models can be supplied in steel 37, AISI304 and in hardox, and are available with full approval and certificates for location in ATEX zone 22/20. As the A-series can be mounted directly in the flange, the mounting is very easy and the built-in height is low.

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