TBMA appoints agent in Italy

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Recently TBMA Europe BV and Erigo have come to an arrangement for the representation of TBMA in the Italian market. Paolo Chechi has established Erigo in 2000 and has since then specialized in explosion protection in the process industry. Later Erigo extended its portfolio with rotary valves and HRD systems.

Bart Houben, Managing Director of TBMA Europe: “We want to expand our presence in the Italian market. We have done business with Erigo for some time now, and we are confident they are the right partner to accomplish this.”

“We look forward to working with TBMA more closely, especially after the recent introduction of the new plug diverter valves. We are able to support both OEM’s and end-users in many ways, starting from risk-assessment to the installation and service of (small) systems. Our customers can be found in the food, animal feed, chemical, plastics, pharma, wood and aerospace industries. With the new diverters we can offer them a complete range of components for bulk solids handling”, says Paolo Chechi.

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