T30s the new three fase vac of Nilfisk-CFM

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

T30S is a Basic Very Low End three-phase vac especially designed for take-off countries. Its available with a 100L or 50L capacity bin and as well as with a Gravity Unload system (GU) with plastic or Longopac® disposal Bag. The target is the industry as metal-working, food, building&construction.
Thanks to its lateral channel blower placed on the bottom of the chassis, this model is easy and safe to manoeuvre. Its compact design makes mod. T30S suitable for narrow spaces. T30S comes in three main versions: the T30S L100, with a 100 L capacity bin ; the T30S L50, with a 50 L one and the T30S
GU FM that mounts instead of the metal bin a gravity unload device with a hopper where a simple plastic bag or a more sofisticated Longopac® system can be fitted. The collected material falls inside the disposal bag once the vac is off. A clappet opens allowing the material to fall down. Mod. T30S
GU FM apart the gravity unload device has as default an M Class primary filter that retains very fine dust as in the building&construction industry.

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