To support the growth of their cat litter business, known for the Agriselect brand, Zijderlaan Retail Services invested in a new palletizing line. In Waspik they package 7-liter and 10-liter paper and PE bags of cat litter. The challenge was to palletise the bags in an upright position. In addition, a stable, visually appealing pallet that stays within the pallet dimensions is important for efficient loading and transport and for the end customer a pallet that presents well. The SYMACH palletizer, which was specially developed for stacking bags, proved in successful tests at the production site in Terneuzen that a good stacking result can also be achieved with upright bags. The machine carefully processes individual bags and positions them very precisely on split plates, while the stacked layers are enclosed by an adjustable stacking cage that prevents product overhang. This combination is the right formula for a stable, rectangular pallet. Based on the technical quality, the positive test in Terneuzen and the good relationship, Zijderlaan entrusted SYMACH with the order. At the end of 2020, the new line was commissioned. The high capacity SYMACH palletizing line consists of a Mach8.1 palletizer, rotary arm pallet wrapper with top sheet dispenser and an automatic pallet transport system. Besides cat litter Zijderlaan from Waspik processes all kinds of bulk raw materials, including wood pellets. Terneuzen based SYMACH designs and produces packaging and palletizing systems.