How are peanuts and rice transported from the other end of the world?

Ever wondered how your peanuts or rice made it all the way from the other side of the world - where they grow in nature, dirt, surrounded by plants - and make it safe and sound to your shopping cart? Maybe you have, maybe you haven´t. But we want to educate everyone on sustainable solutions like ours, so we gave RTL Z a peek into our production facility.In the video, we don´t only explain how our process and product works, but also how we ensure a sustainable supply chain as far as we can. From the working conditions in our overseas factories to keeping your favorite foods safe without chemicals. Curious to meet some of the faces behind Masterpack and see us in action? Watch it on Youtube (search for: Masterpack Group item Dmd rtlz s15E20 29 mei 2021) or check it out on the right side of this website page.