Supply Chain for bulkmaterials in Big Bags

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics, situated in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, offers by her logistic systems and concepts for the storage, transport and handling of solids a new dimension in the Supply Chain of bulk materials.
Besides the possibility to use the systems of Indus in internal logistic environments as a solution for the safe storage, stacking and hygienic handling of bulk materials in Big Bags, Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics also focuses on the supply chain where as well as the producer as the processor of the bulk materials can profit from the advantages of the systems.
At Supply Chain the cost of return logistics are a important element of success. The systems of Indus can reach a return rate of 8% of the original loaded volume. The Indus Neva and the Indus Isar offer solutions for bulk materials in packaging units up to 2.000 kg. or 2 m3.

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Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics BV

Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics BV is the manufacturer and distributor of storage-, transport- and handlingsystems of bulk materials (solids) in or combined with Big Bags (FIBC’s). Indus Integrated Bulk Logistics... Read more