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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Our industrial customers increasingly ask for silos and tanks with a larger diameter. To respond to this growing demand, M.I.P. opens a new facility in Moerdijk (the Netherlands) for the production of composite tanks and silos up to a diameter of 9 meter. Starting from 2018, the facility will be able to produce storage systems up to a diameter of 15 meter and a height of 20 meter.

Growing interest in composite
Traditionally, tanks and silos are made of steel (stainless or black). However, steel is not suitable for all applications, as agressive liquids cause corrosion and rapid deterioration of the tank. Hygroscopic solids are sensitive to moisture caused by condensation, as steel has a high thermal conductivity. Composite material – a mixture of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre – is extremely resistant to corrosive chemicals such as acids, bases and chlorides. Furthermore, as composites are thermal isolators, silos suffer much less from condensation problems. Many M.I.P. customers have already switched from steel to composite tanks and silos because of these reasons. Customers in the food industry are also among this group, since there are special resins with food approval.

Scaling up production requires larger tanks and silos
Many industries are scaling up production to realize greater efficiency and cost savings. This generally requires larger storage capacity for raw materials and end products. Our industrial customers increasingly request larger silos and tanks. M.I.P. responds by opening our new production facility: M.I.P. Mega Solutions BV, located in Moerdijk (the Netherlands).

Production in Moerdijk (NL): space and location at North Sea port
From October 2017 we will produce tanks and silos up to a diameter of 9 meter in our new spacious facility at the Hollands Diep. From 2018 we can even produce up to a diameter of 15 meter and a height of 20 meter (a storage volume of 3000 m³). Due to the excellent location at the North Sea port of Moerdijk, seagoing vessels can dock and we can efficiently transport the largest tanks and silos to any large river and sea port.

Our production facility will consist of two filament winding systems with an innovative flexible mold. On this mold we can produce all diameters between 3 and 9 meter (up to 15 meter), with and without chemically resistant liner. This flexible mold speeds up changeovers, leading to improved delivery times.

Rijkevorsel remains the main facility and headquarters
We keep producing our silos and tanks at our headquarters in Rijkevorsel. However, with this new special production facility, we are not only capable of producing larger tanks and silos; we can also ramp up production capacity to handle increasing customer demands. With this new facility, you can keep relying on systems with excellent functionality and quality. Additionally, you can count on reliable delivery times. This is another step of M.I.P. to remain your partner in durable storage solutions!

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