Seven new dealers for PENKO weighing instrumentation.

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Export is the engine of the economy. So increase of the export strengthens the engine what, and that’s where it is all about, the economy growths. PENKO supports this on its one way by active promoting its instrumentation in foreign markets.

This recently resulted in the appointment of seven new dealers, namely:
♦BEIJING AVENUE International Trade Co. Ltd. te Beijing (China).
♦GOLDBELL WEIGH Systems Pte Ltd. in Singapore (SGP),
♦INTERPROCESS in Warschau (Poland),
♦MAXPAC bvba in Temse (Belgium),
♦MAXWELL INDUSTRIES S.r.l. in Crema (Italy)
♦ PROCESS Automation Ltd. in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and
♦SCANVAEGT AB in Gӧteborg (S).

Each of these enterprises is pleased with the ability to serve its customers with highly qualified instrumentation. This way they are sure to contribute to ensuring the quality of the means for production of their customers.

Picture: hands on training of dealers with instruments at PENKO.

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