A French manufacturer of dog and cat food decided to use a RHEWUM screening machine type WA for the screening of animal meal. Animal meal is often added to animal feed as a source of protein and used as food for pets as well as zoo animals. Under strict conditions, it is also suitable as a fertilizer in agriculture. For the feed capacity of 20 tons of animal feed per hour the customer now bought a screening machine type WA with suitable feeder type SV from RHEWUM which replaces an outdated screening machine of another machine manufacturer. The separation is at 1 mm for removing lumps and impurities. The type WA is excellently suited for sieving powder and meal in the finest to medium grain range and can be easily integrated into existing plants. The direct transmission of the vibrations to the screen mesh via powerful electromagnets is not only energy-efficient, but also enables extremely high accelerations of more than 15 g and thus guarantees a sharp separation even when screening fine powders. Further convincing advantages of the Rhewum wa are the high availability and reliability. Many smaller drives ensure that production can continue even if one drive fails and allow motor maintenance even during operation. In addition, automatic cleaning impulses keep the screen cloth constantly and reliably free. The screening process is further optimized by the uniform distribution of the animal meal over the entire width of the screen thanks to the SV distribution chute with vibrating inner section and static housing. Are you also looking for a reliable and efficient screening machine for your powder or meal? Please Contact us at