Safe lockout for large gate valves

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Brady has developed a durable solution to safely lock out gate valves with diameters ranging from 3 up to 18 inch. The new Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout also features a tri-folding system to allow for easy storage.

Save lives
The Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout can block gate valves up to 18 inch to neutralise or secure the flow of energy or materials to machines. Every worker servicing a machine can apply a padlock to the lockout device to lock a gate valve in the off-position while maintenance is ongoing. This prevents other workers from inadvertently re-energising machinery which could lead to impactful workplace accidents. Collapsible Gate Valve Lockouts can also be used to secure the flow of water to firefighting systems for example.

Easy and flexible to use
The Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout can easily be rotated around a valve to lock it in the off- or on-position. The device’s tri-folding system makes it practical to store or carry, while still being able to cover and lock large, 18 inch valves. With just 3 size variations to lock a range of valves from 3 to 18 inch, the new lockout solution is also a very flexible and practical tool to reduce accidents in the workplace.

Durable solution
The new Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout is a rugged, injection molded styrene construction that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The device can be coupled with any of Brady’s vast range of padlocks, available in several materials to suit the needs of specific industries. Up to two padlocks can be attached directly on the Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout, and even more padlocks can be added to safeguard larger maintenance teams by using Brady’s Lockout/Tagout safety hasp.

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