Rice Lake Weighing Systems Europe B.V., from Heteren, The Netherlands, (formerly Master Engineering B.V.) presents a new product line of the Master weigh- and dosing belts. It concerns standard weigh belts, with the possibility to build them according the specific wishes of the customer. Several options are available, like layer thickness control slide, covers, inspection gates and belt tension device. The design ensures the possibility for a quick belt change. At the picture, you see a steel painted version, but stainless steel is also possible. Beside the standard line, Rice Lake delivers also approved weigh belts. Rice lakes specialists are able to advice the customers which belt scale is the most appropriate is the particular application. The delivery program of Rice Lake consists Master belt scales, dosing belts, screw weigh systems, loss-in-weight systems, impact flow meters, silo + bin weigh systems, batch systems. Furthermore, the Rice Lake bench scales, loadcells, indicator and the MSI crane scales.